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Mortgage Channel was created by Michael Xia to help other property investors achieve financial freedom. After accumulating a portfolio of 14 properties worth over $4 million by the age of 31, Michael was able to quit his corporate job and pursue his interest of helping other investors achieve financial freedom through property investing. As a property investor, you want a mortgage broker who understands how property investing works and someone who invests in properties themselves.

Some of the ways Mortgage Channel is different!

We'll show you how to build an awesome property portfolio that gives you financial freedom

Every Client is different

We'll check out your financial situation and goals and help with your own personal strategies for success.

Do all the legwork

If you decide to go ahead with an application, we'll prepare all of the paperwork and support you through the entire process.

Calculate your borrowing power

Your broker will calculate how much you can borrow and how much you can comfortably afford to repay.

Review your loan options

The property that you live in is not the only source of home equity. You can also use the equity in an existing investment property to help fund the purchase of another investment property.

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Some kind words from our awesome clients

I've known Michael from the days when Michael was building his property portfolio. Michael walks the talk and has built a strong foundation portfolio of his own and has walked the path of a home owner / investor! Michael is well aware of the challenges investors face and is willing to look at each client’s situation and draw up a solid plan to help his clients build solid property portfolios. I find Michael to be honest and open with his advice. The best thing is that for Michael, his clients matter and he works for the best possible outcome for his clients! Easy to get along with and results driven, I’d suggest anybody looking to establish a long lasting brokering relationship and building a portfolio, don’t hesitate to give Michael a call.

Sana Ali
Property Investor

Michael is an experienced real estate investor, who has built his real estate portfolio from scratch, and therefore has a wealth of real estate industry knowledge, which will be invaluable to anyone wanting to achieve great success. As Michael has gone through the real estate journey himself, he has the background which will add value to his clients as he has expertise to provide advice on a well structured portfolio. If you are looking for someone who has 'been there done that' and is genuinely interested in helping people achieve their dreams, then Michael will be a great addition to your team.

Mona Ali
Property Investor

Having stumbled across Michael's story, I was inspired and motivated at what could be achieved in life so I sought out his experience
and expertise. He has been more than helpful on my property investing journey and I look forward to further working with him in the future and utilising his services. I have already successfully recommended him to friends and would definitely urge anyone wanting a life changing journey to get in contact with him.

Huy Tu Ngo
Property Investor

When my wife and I approached Michael, we knew next to nothing about investing in property. I wanted to learn how to build a successful property portfolio, and Michael's track record gave me all the confidence that I needed to get started. Michael is really down to earth, he genuinely makes every effort to help his clients succeed. He spent lots of time teaching me his strategy, answering my questions, and addressing my fears - even late at night and on weekends - giving me the skills that I need to select a true, positive cash flow property over a lemon. It's easy to find a broker who can get you a loan, but it's rare to find someone like Michael Xia who has built a multi-million dollar property portfolio, and who genuinely wants to use his financial, investment and property strategy to help others succeed.

Eng Ung
Property Investor

My experience with Michael from the beginning has been nothing short of exceptional. Whether it be face to face, phone, skype, or email, he’s always been very accessible. Michael's given me clear direction and we created a long-term strategy to help me reach my investment goals. He's very pro-active throughout the entire process, and he's someone that I can trust and rely on. However, what makes Michael stand out from other brokers, is his passion, positive energy and his genuine desire to help.

Taku Ekanayake
Property Investor

Michael and team really took the time to get to know me and my goals before getting started with any applications. This gave me the assurance they were looking after my best interest and structuring my loans to best reach my personal goals. I was very satisfied with the loan process from start to finish and have no problem recommending their service to other investors who are serious about growing their portfolios.

Arian Yeganeh
Property Investor

Michael is an astute mortgage broker with a strong wealth of knowledge in the residential property investment space. He has an innate ability to identify residential 'gems', and this is reflected in his own impressive investment portfolio. With an honest and professional demeanour, Michael demonstrates a continuous commitment to his customers and their ongoing success. I would not hesitate to recommend Michael to future investors.

Jeff Khor
Property Investor

The Mortgage Channel provided me an outstanding service from initial consultation through to helping me secure my first Investment Property. The guidance, education and communication of Michael was first class and highly appreciated.

Ellis Lum Mow
Property Investor

Michael, and the Mortgage Channel team are now my go team when investing and structuring my investment future. Responsive, diligent, experienced and most importantly stress free when dealing with the team. I now have a goal to strive to and a clear direction of how to can about it.

Vache Aknian
Property Investor

I never thought that property investing could be so easy. At the start I was an absolute newbie though… I didn't know where to buy, how to get finance or how to manage property. Thanks to Mike & the team at Mortgage Channel I now have a property portfolio that generates me a passive income, is building my equity and best of all I don’t even have to lift a finger to manage it. I'm excited for the future because I know with Mortgage Channel's help, my portfolio will only grow in the future.

Justin Teoh
Property Investor

We have spoken to many brokers over the years and noticed a considerable difference in the way Michael approaches this trade. Michael spends a significant amount of time in understanding his client’s needs and goals and tailors his advice and products accordingly. Aside from the great financial benefits Michael has made available to us, he has provided us with excellent guidance on our property investing journey and shared his extensive experience in a mentoring capacity. He is always a phone call away and really invests time in helping us achieve our goals. With Michael, you don’t just get a brilliant brokering service, you get his commitment, experience and time in the property industry as a whole!

Mayank & Sathya
Property Investor

Michael has done the hard yards when creating his own successful property portfolio and the skills that he has developed throughout that period are really valuable when consulting with Michael. He understands our goals and gives clear answers to the questions we have. He also make sure he gets the best deals that matches our goals. Thank you Michael.

Siva and Gaya
Property Investor

Having good team around is all the difference it makes to be successful in any business you decide to do and Mortgage Channel is someone you would definitely want as part of your team if you are thinking property investment and planning to build property portfolio! Full of passion and love for his job, Michael Xia helped us see the opportunities and set up directions to follow in order to achieve our goals and we are forever helpful for that! It is rarely that you will find genuinely committed broker that is at the same time highly skilled in his profession and also able to connect to you at personal level to help you achieve YOUR goals. Highly recommend to anyone who is looking for expert advice, excellent service and long term relationship for future investments.

Sinisa and Lidija
Property Investor


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